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Wednesday, July 11th 2012

9:50 PM

Underage bbs 14


Related article: Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 20:32:26 -0700 (PDT) From: zachary ryan d Subject: Chapter 5 of Discovering LoveHey sorry for the delay, but school has kept me pretty busy. I will try to keep up with this story as much as possible. Well enjoy chapter 5. Remember send all comments to ryrywntsuyahoo.com. Thanks!Chapter 5Chris tossed and turned all night; afraid of what the dream meant. Before he knew it, his alarm clock went off. Sluggishly, he pushed the covers off his body and dragged himself out of bed to the shower. As soon as the cold water hit him, he was awake. Not wanting to be late for practice, he hurried up in the bathroom, got dressed and ran out of the house scarfing down a Nutri-grain bar. The whole car drive to school, he tried to make sense of the thoughts in his head. "Eh...it's nothing." he thought and ran to the field.Practice ran as smoothly as always and "those" thoughts never crossed his mind. That was until the team had to hit the showers.Chris stripped out of his gear, grabbed a towel and walking to an empty shower head. He had showered with these guy so many times before and never really thought about anything. But this time it was different. He was seeing everything differently. He never noticed how nice some of his teammate's bodies were. Watching the water run down all those hard abs, firm asses and soft cocks turned Chris on. "Oh fuck!" thought Chris. He closed his eyes trying to think of something else. The only thing he could think of was Brian and how much he wanted to be with Brian. He thought back to the dream. He could feel himself get hard and his legs felt like they would give out any second. He had to get out of there fast, before anyone noticed he was hard or his real underage preeteens legs gave way completely. He quickly turned off the shower, put a towel around his waist and hurried out of the shower."Hey Chris, what's the hurry?" shouted Adam."Uhh..Homework...I forgot to finish some" Chris quickly answered as he hurried to his locker. He turned away from the showers as he put on his clothes, not wanting anyone to see his erection.************************************************************************At another part of school, Brian sat alone in underage little girls the library, underageincest stories reading for his History test."Hi, there. I see we are reading for the same class." A tall dark haired girl said to him. "Mind if I join you?""Sure, have a seat." Brian said, moving his books and papers to give her more room."I'm Nina, by the way.""Nice to meet you, I'm Brian.""So you're not from around here are you? I've never seen you at this school.""No, I'm from Missouri. I moved middle of summer. ""How do you like it so far?""I like it here, but I really don't know a lot of people."Before they knew it, twenty minutes had gone by and the bell signaling underage asian vids the massive group of students to class."Well, see you in History." Brian said, leaving the library for his class.When he got to Journalism, Chris was already there."Brian over here, over here." Chris said motioning to an empty seat next to him."Thanks Chris, what's up?""Nothing, just sore and tired from soccer practice. You?""Nothing, got a History quiz later.""Already, man that sucks.""Tell me about it.""Hey, Brian what are you doing this weekend?"Their conversation was interrupted by the teacher's lesson. During the lecture, Brian was thinking about a few things. He liked talking to Chris, there was something about him that made him feel good and safe to be around. "Shit do I have a crush?" he thought. Whatever it was underage illegal model it wasn't going to ruin his friendship with Chris.The rest of the day went by without too much excitement. The history quiz was postponed an extra day, so Nina asked free underagenude pictures him to study together after school. When Brian reached the library after school, Nina was already there reading her textbook."Hey, sorry I'm late." He said"Oh. No worries, I just got here a minute ago."They started talking about history; quizzing each other. Over time they started getting bored of history and started talking about interests and what they like to do for fun. Brian gazed down at his watch and realized it was almost five."Oh shit, it's late. I better be going." He said, slowly starting to pack up."Yea me too. See you later." As Brian got to his car, he heard someone call at him to wait. Brian looked around and saw Chris coming up to him."Hey man. What you still doing here?" he said trying to catch his breath."I was at the library studying. What about you?""Soccer practice. Hey since we are gonna be partners for the journalism assignments, I was wondering if you wanted to get something to eat.""Umm. Sure. Let me just call my aunt and uncle to tell them where I am." Brian said grabbing his cell out of his pocket. illegal underage pussys He knew that his aunt and uncle really didn't care, but he just wanted to be polite."Ok, Chris. It's all good. What you in the mood for?""Well, we can go to Tom's diner. You ever been there?""No. Ok, let's go there.""Just follow my car, ok?"Soon both boys were heading out the school parking lot, towards the setting sun. Tom's diner was not far from school, and within five minutes they pulled up. Once they got inside, there were seated right away. Brian and Chris both ordered hamburgers."So, how was your day?" asked Chris."Pretty good. I met a new girl today.""Oh really?" Chris said smiling."Haha. I don't mean like that. Her name's Nina. She's in my History class.""Oh cool. So, how you like here?""Well it's different. I like it though. I still don't know that many people.""Aww..well meet the soccer guys tomorrow. Sit with us at lunch, ok?""Sure. Cool. Thanks" Brian said happily.Their food arrived and hungrily they ate it, making small talk in between bites. After they had finished, Brian realized it was almost nine."Wow, it's almost 9. I better get home. Still have some homework to do." "Yeah. Me too." Chris said, with a hint of sadness in his voice.They paid and headed for the parking lot. As Brian said goodbye, Chris leaned over to give him a hug.On the way home, Brian kept thinking of the events that just happened. There was something about Chris that Brian liked. But what was it? real underage preeteens He just made him feel happy and special. But he had to be careful he thought. He didn't want to scare him away. He needed a friend in this new place.Brian slept well, knowing that he and Chris were friends.************************************************************************The next day, Brian kept free underage girles staring at the clock in his class. He didn't have any classes with Chris until after lunch. He underage preeteen bbs really wanted to see Chris' smiling face again.RING...the bell sounded.Finally it was lunchtime, after what felt like an eternity to Brian. He quickly gathered his belongings and rushed to his locker; changed books and went to the cafeteria. He scanned around the hungry horde trying to find Chris."Hey man!" someone said from the behind, startling Brian."Ah. Hey." Brian said, his face turning red embarrassed for being startled."Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you." Chris said."Oh. No, my bad don't worry about it. Where do you sit for lunch?""Here follow me." Chris said, leading Brian through a group of people to a table in the far left of the cafeteria."Guys, this is Brian. Brian this is Sam Northwood, underage little girls Allie Thompson, Todd Smith, Will Aukland, Charlie Crane, Alice Long, Alexia Bodru, Mark Francis, Adam Erickson and Scott Showers.""Hi." Brian said shyly."Hey Brian.""Sup?""Yo" they all said."Here have a seat." Chris said making room for the both of them.Soon, Brian felt more comfortable and the gang and him talked about school, sports, running, and movies. Brian was really enjoying this new group of friends. He felt sad when the lunch bell rang, signaling three more hours of class. Thankfully the last hour was Journalism with Chris."I better go, I need to get across campus for History. I'll see you in Journalism Chris. Bye all." Brian said, getting up to little underage pic leave."Bye" the gang echoed.When Brian was out of sight, Charlie looked at Chris and said, "Dude. What are you doing with him? I hear he's a fag.""What? What the hell are you talking about?""Yeah. I hear he got kicked out of the house because he was gay." ,chimed in Adam."Where did you hear that?" Chris questioned."A few people have said it. What underage cp tgp if it's true?" Allie asked."So what if it is. He's a nice guy." Chris said."Dude. I don't want a fag with underage 15 y.o us." Exclaimed Todd."Grow up, Todd. I think he's cool." ,said Alexia."Whatever guys, I bet it's not even true." Exclaimed Chris.With that, they all said their goodbyes underage porno phtc and went to class.********************************************************************Brian was in class, tapping his pencil on the desk. He looked at the clock every few minutes, disappointed that virtually no time has gone by. He thought back to lunch. Why was Chris being so nice? Did it mean anything? Brian started to get scared, he didn't want to have feelings for Chris. He didn't want to scare off Chris.Meanwhile, on the other side of campus, Chris was in his Philosophy class. "What if they tiny underaged are right? What if Brian is gay?" he thought. "Does that make me gay? Why do I feel guestbook underage pics happy around him? I've tiny underaged never felt like this for a guy before.""Mr. Dornson..."Chris noticed that the teacher was looking at him. "Sorry Ms. Jacobs, what did you say?""I asked you who talked about the Allegory of the Cave.""Umm..Socrates?""No, it was Plato. Pay attention!" she snapped.Chris tried to pay attention, but before he knew it his mind started to wander again. He almost didn't hear the bell ring. He snapped out of it as people were getting up to leave. One more class and than the day was over. The class with Brian. Chris was looking forward to that. He walked to class in a happy mood. When he got underage angels there Brian was already seated, saving an empty seat next to him. He smiled at Chris and waved hi."Hey man. What's up?" he said in an excited tone."Nothing, just boring Philosophy class. How was history?""It was good. So your friends seemed really cool.""Yeah thanks. They seemed to like you as well." Chris said, not wanting to tell Brian what his friends had said about him.Their conversation was soon underageincest stories interrupted by the monotone voice of Miss Rose. She talked about different types of journalistic approaches and famous journalists. She went on to talk about a project that the class will be doing. In it they will have to pick a partner and write a 4 page paper on a famous journalist or journalistic event that changed history. As she said that they could pick partners, Brian and Chris looked at each other. The class seemed to drag on for hours, because all the teacher did was lecture. Brian was upset that he could barely talk to Chris, as they were both too busy writing down notes of what the teacher said. Finally the bell rang, signaling their freedom."Hey Brian, what are you doing tomorrow?" asked Chris as they were walking down the corridor to their lockers."Nothing. I don't really do much on Fridays. Still don't know a lot of people." Answered Brian, a bit embarrassed."Well, how about we go see a movie? I hear the Iron Man is supposed to be good.""Ok, sounds cool to me. I wanted to go see that actually. I'll ask my aunt but I doubt she will care.""Cool. Well see you tomorrow in class. Take care." Chris said walking away."Bye babe." Brian responded."Oh shit did I just say babe to him? Did he hear me?" ,thought Brian, "I hope not." Brian looked at Chris to see if he'd turn around and ask him about it but he just kept walking down the hall until he rounded a corner and was out of sight. "He said babe to me. What did he mean by it? Is he gay?" Chris thought as he got to his locker. "And why is the thought of him being gay making me happy? What is wrong with me?" Chris quickly grabbed his books and ran to the soccer field for practice.************************************************************************The next day, Brian woke up thirty minutes before his alarm. In his sleep he kept dreaming of the movie date he and Chris were going to have. "A date," he thought "it's not a date. Is it?" he quickly got ready, had breakfast, and drove off to school. Once he got there, he saw Nina getting out of her car."Hey Nina!" he shouted."Hey. Someone's in a good mood. underage lil sluts What's up?""Oh nothing. Just happy I guess."They made small talk as they walked into the school building. This day seemed to go by faster than any other day this week. Before he knew it, it was lunch. He wanted to sit with Chris and his friends but he had promised to study with Nina for their quiz. "Stupid teacher, assigning a quiz every other day." He thought, as he headed to his locker. Chris was waiting for him by his locker."Hey man." He said as he saw Brian approach."Hey. What's up? Hey, I can't eat lunch with you guys, I have a stupid history quiz.""Haha. Mr. Myers? Yeah he assigns quizzes a lot. Well good luck. Were still on for tonight right?""Yeah, definitely." Brian said with a smile."Ok. Cool. See you later. Good luck.""Thanks."Brian and Chris high-fived and walked in separate directions. When Chris got his food and arrived at the table, he noticed Todd looking around the room."Where's the fag?" he shouted at Chris when he got closer."Fuck you. He's not a fag." Chris answered, getting a little angry."Man grow up!" exclaimed Alexia. "God. Sometimes I don't even know why I date you?""Because I'm good in bed." Todd defended."Yeah. That's it." She said, rolling her eyes.That was the only conversation about Brian during the whole lunch. Chris and Charlie were in a deep discussion about movies when the bell rang.************************************************************************Brian arrived at the movie theatres at seven forty-five. No one that he recognized was there. Chris had told him to be there by eight so he knew he was early. Brian was about to take a small walk around the place, when he heard someone calling his name.He turned and saw Allie and Charlie walking up to him holding hands."Chris said he should be here in ten minutes, his parents were talking to him about something." Said Allie"Oh ok cool. Anyone else naked underage guys coming?""Todd and Alexia, think that's about it." Charlie replied."All couples." Brian thought "That's a bit weird. He must not have planned it like that."A few minutes later, Todd and Alexia came walking towards them. Thankfully, Chris arrived about a minute later because there was an awkward silence and Brian could have sworn Todd kept looking at him funny."Hey guys. Sorry I'm late. My dad was chewing me out for not mowing the lawn last week.""It's cool. Come on lets go." Said Alexia.With that, they went to buy tickets and find seats in the crowded theatre. Alexia and Todd sat next to each other, so did Charlie beach nude underage and Allie and illegal underage pussys Chris and Brian. During the movie Brian and Chris's hands brushed against each other brazil underage but neither boy thought anything of it. After the movie they all talked and walked around enjoying the night. Brian couldn't remember the last time he had this much fun. At midnight, Brian figured he better go home so not to get in trouble with his aunt and uncle. He said good bye to the gang. Chris decided he better go guestbook underage pics to and since they parked by each other, they decided to walk together."So, how did you like the movie?""It was good. What did you think Chris?""I liked it too.""Hey thanks again for inviting me. I really haven't been out too much since I moved here.""Hey no worries bud." Chris said wrapping his arm around Brian's shoulders "What are friends for, right?""Yea, true." Brian responded. He felt strangely safe in the arms of Chris. He thought he could get used to it, but sadly they got to Chris's car and they had to say goodbye."Hey Brian, what are you doing tomorrow?""Nothing. Why?""Would you like to come over, if you want.""Yeah, sure. Where do you live?"Chris gave Brian directions then got in his car and headed home. When Brian got home, he was so tired that he fell asleep as underage little girls soon as his head hit the pillow.************************************************************************When Brian arrived at Chris's house, he was in awe. The house was one of the biggest he had seen. It had Greek columns in the front, underage little girls and statues in the front yard. He pre underage models walked up to the gigantic wooden door and rang the door bell. A pretty, tall brunette woman answered the door. She looked kindly at Brian and smiled."You must be Brian. I am Mrs. Dornson, but you can call me Cynthia. Chris said you were coming. He went to go take a quick shower. He told me to let you in and show you to his room. Please come in.""Thank you, Mrs. Dor...Cynthia. You have a very nice house.""Oh thank you. We moved here two years ago. It's a newer house in the neighborhood. Well Chris's bedroom is upstairs, down the hall and the third door on your left. Just go in and make yourself at home."Brian walked up the stairs and towards Chris's room. "This house really is huge" he thought as he walked down the hallway. He reached Chris's room and went in. He was in awe. His room was at least twice the size of Brian's. He had a big screen T.V and a Playstation 3. By the T.V was a huge bookcase full of DVDs. Brian walked over to the bookshelf to look at the DVDs."Hey man." Chris said, entering the room.Brian was startled. He had not heard Chris come in. "Oh my God" thought Brian. Chris was wearing only a towel around his waist. Water still dripping down his firm chest to his tight abs. Brian realized he was staring and quickly looked back at the DVDs."Hey Chris, nice place you got here." He quickly said."Thanks, sorry if I startled you again." Chris said walking over to his dresser and putting on clothes. When he finished he asked what Brian wanted to do."I don't know. What do you have in mind?""Well, we could just chill here and play video games.""Yeah. I haven't done that in so long."Chris and Brian started playing video games and having a good time. They talked about their favorite movies, music, and school. Mrs. Dornson came up at lunch time with ham and cheese sandwiches for them. Time flew by so fast, and before knew it was dark out."Wow. It's getting late. I better get going.""Why don't you spend the night!" Chris said, "...if you want.""Umm, yeah let me ask my Uncle."On the phone:"Hey Uncle, can I spend the night at Chris's house?""You're spending a lot of time there. I think you better should come home.""But...""Boy, I don't want any trouble from you."He hung up the phone and went back into Chris's room.Chris looked at him smiling, "What did he say?""No, he wants me to come home. Sorry""It's ok." Chris said trying to hide his disappointment.After Brian left his house, Chris fell on his bed with a big smile on his face. This weekend was perfect. He got to spend the last two days with Brian. His free underagenude pictures smile quickly turned to a frown. Whenever he was around Brian he was happy, but when he was alone he felt a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach. He felt like it was all wrong. "What the fuck is wrong with me. pre underage models I'm not a fag. I like girls. Why does this always happen around Brian?" He closed his gushing teens underage eyes and tried to get some rest. Soon Chris was dreaming again. Brian and he were at the movies. It was just the two of them, alone in the whole theatre. Chris moved his hand and it touched Brian's. Brian did not pull away, but just left his hand there. Chris looked over at Brian, who was staring back at him. Chris leaned in to kiss underage porno phtc Brian.************************************************************************When Brian got home, his Uncle was sitting in the kitchen."What took you so long boy?" his uncle snapped."I got home as quick as I can. Why the hell did I have to come home anyway?""Don't give me any lip! Who is this guy anyway? Your Boyfriend? A fag like you?""What the fuck!""Don't talk like that you little shit!" Brian's uncle screamed with venom in his eyes. He got up and busty underage nude went over to Brian. Brian could smell the alcohol on his breath."Back the fuck off!" Brian yelled, taking a step back.Uncle Frank raised a fist at Brian and yelled, "Another smart ass comment out of you and I will teach you respect, you fucking faggot!""What is all the noise in here?" Asked Brian's aunt coming in the kitchen. "Frank, stop that. Brian, go to your room now!"Brian ran upstairs to his room. He hated this place. He hated his parents, he hated his aunt and uncle, he hated Jason for never keeping his promised, but mostly he hated himself. He was the problem. He was a fag. Chris was his only real friend and he was betraying their friendship by liking him in a sexual way. For not telling him the truth. Brian started crying. He hated life so much. "Maybe if I end it all..." he thought.
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